Call Momma Band

The Call Momma Band is a collaboration of songwriters and musicians who came together between 2000 and 2005 give or take a year or so. The band has morphed over time to become what it is today. They perform in various formations including duo, trio, quartet & quintet depending upon schedules, and sometimes have additional guests. The core band consists of Bob Tobin, David Owens, Ted McKee, Bob Sachs & Bruce Roberts. Given the nature of the band as songwriters, much of the material is original music. The differing styles of writing cover a range of musical genres including folk, rock, blues, swing, country and other Americana. The contrasting styles compliment each other well. You may catch the band, or parts thereof in Charleston, SC, Georgia, Florida and even Costa Rica as well as other places.

From left to right:

Bob Tobin - Bob Tobin Music

David Owens - David Owens Music

Bruce Roberts - ARP Studio

Bob Sachs - Bob Sachs Music

Ted McKee - Teddy Midnite

Call Momma Band

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